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Conference call on 12 June 2005.


Week in review

  • conference call with lawyer
  • bank accounts - approved Wachovia, Gavin will call next week
  • merchandise design & licensing - what do we think of the submitted design? have we gotten any others yet?
  • budget - done for AU grant
  • AU grant app - done, submitted
  • trademarking
  • domain names
  • org. structure, board of directors, bylaws

Domain names

Org structure, etc.

We have to answer some basic questions to provide a framework for future discussion. I think we should try to answer the following questions either on this call, or within 2 days.

  • Are campus groups part of, Inc. or independent entities?
  • Are there "grown-ups" on the board of directors?
  • Are there alumni on the board? If so, are they "phased off" the board, or should there be seats for alumni who graduated long ago?
  • Do we keep a Core Team? If so, how is its role affected by the existance of a board of directors?
  • Do we have an advisory board?

Fiscal agent

Nelson learned something from PK that's different from how we thought the fiscal agent thing would work. We ought to talk about this and decide on our approach to fundraising for the next months.


Quick decision: once we have a bank account, should we open a Paypal account as well?