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Conference call on June 5th, 2005.


T-shirts for Defcon

What has to be done in order to have t-shirts ready in time for Defcon? (July 29)

  • Design
    • Ask people you know
    • Should we do an open call for entries on the blog?
  • Printing
    • where does the money come from? will we have the AU grant in time?
  • Shipping? (presumably Elizabeth would use a local printer, so that she doesn't have to wait for shipping)

Other Defcon stuff

What other stuff do we need to do for Defcon?

  • I heard we have to submit some sort of paper?
  • We should have the usual collection of stuff from CC, EFF, PK if any of those organizations are not going to be there. I understand that EFF will be, but I doubt CC or PK are.
  • We should have our own pamphlets. Speaking of which, our pamphlets need updating...
  • Maybe the people going to Defcon can discuss this among themselves, rather than having this as part of the conference call? - Gavin 02:24, 5 Jun 2005 (EDT)

Criteria for board members

What are we looking for in our board of directors?

  • What does the board of directors do?
  • What sort of people do we want on the board of directors?
    • "Youthful"
    • Not someone who would necessarily show up on the board of CC or EFF?
    • Experience in grassroots organizing
    • Racial/ethnic/gender diversity if possible?

To-do for the week

  • Apply for Federal EIN: done
  • Get P.O. Box info: not done
  • Meet with Reed Hundt: done
  • Finish AU grant app: ?
  • Write FAQ: not done
  • Arrange conf. call w/ UK folks: ?
  • Discuss fiduciary agent w/ PK: ?
  • Get bank info: ?
  • Arrange conf. call w/ lawyer: done