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Minutes for Wednesday core call on February 2, 2005 by Nicholas.

Can we merge Agenda:2005-02-02 with this page? -- Nelson

In attendance: Amanda, Eric, Nelson, Gavin, Nick, Elizabeth, Andy, Ben Li


  • where are we?
  • Who's in charge? Mike or Jeremy?
  • What's going on with the story board?
  • Need framework for clubs?
  • Still shooting for getting footage to Jeremy/Mike by Feb. 13.
  • When sending clips, include info about local campus (see video page)
  • February 25 deadline for editing (day of Colin's first performance)

Creative Commons P2P idea

  • not much work required
  • need press releases
  • need to make a blog post announcing initiative
  • Link to Wired CD, CC Copy Me/Remix Me
  • Stuff from Open CD (see thread on Discuss list) Undead Art entries,
  • Prodigem/Morpheous

Orphan works RFC

  • we still need text (need to make sure people are aware they don't have to hit all questions asked by the copyright office; why it's important, help others see how it affects them; we need to break it down for people).
  • link to other resources on orphaned works (
  • Amanda and Gavin will work on the text
  • Elizabeth will try to get in contact with professors who really know the subject
    • It would probably be a good idea to develop a FAQ to give people a brief overview and tell them why this is important, why they should care.
  • there was discussion of offering canned comments
    • is volume or diversity better?
    • should we just get suggestions and ideas?
    • we need more information; we need to talk to PK or someone who has experience with this. Nelson will ask PK.
  • tell the copyright office to adopt orphans, find parents for these orphans, etc.
  • DEADLINE/GOAL: Go live on Monday, announce with press releases.
    • We should also try to make sure that the multiple sites covering this issue (i.e., lessig) have a link to our form once it goes live.


  • From now on, we'll include meeting attendance in the meeting minutes
  • We'll also post agendas to the wiki before meetings
  • Ideally, the agenda will be at least partially set during the previous meeting
  • One call a week, Sundays at 3PM.
  • We'll have ad hoc calls for individual projects throughout the week
  • Office hours ONLY when needed.
  • If you can't make a call you should post to the Wiki.

The wiki:

  • The wiki is a forum
  • Be bold!


  • What can we actually do?
  • Could this be worked into the CC campaign?
  • Can we get something off the ground in the next few months that is not too labor intensive and that people will understand?
  • Should we stick to the broadcast flag or shift the focus DRM in general (which might be more applicable to the general public)?
  • Could this have some connection with EFF's "Endangered Gadgets"?
  • We simply can't do this campaign in Feb.
  • DECISION: Revisit at first call in March.

Open Access

  • we continued to discuss which groups/orgs we should try to get our schools to sign onto.
  • E.g., Geneva declaration on the future of WIPO.
  • there was discussion of RMS's response that Nelson sent out to the mailing list
  • we can move forward in parallel
  • we should blog our concerns on this
  • everyone should read and consider

General purpose pamphlet

  • We want to get an editable version of the NYU flier ASAP (so Nelson and Elizabeth can use it at the Yale conference coming up later this month)