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3 Jan 2005, AOL Instant Messenger chat


  • Organization of strategy paper
    • We should use the system suggested by Gavin on Talk:Spring_2005_Strategy_Paper
      • One-time national concerns
      • Ongoing national concerns
      • Campaigns
      • Suggestions for locals
        • Some say this doesn't belong in the strategy paper, but rather in a separate running list of suggestions. Some say if there's national coordination, they do belong in the strategy paper. This was not resolved in the chat.
  • External contacts
    • We settled on establishing relationships with three groups at this time
      • EFF (liasons: Andy and Nelson)
      • CC (Steve and Arthur)
      • PK (Nelson and "David Chudzicki from Swat"? Has this been resolved?)
      • Mozilla Foundation (Nick)
    • We should explore what other organizations we might collaborate with, but for now we're starting small.
    • EFF, PK, and CC were all pretty much agreed on. Other orgs considered: Downhill Battle, FSF, open access org
    • There seem to be two models of external contacts: Long-standing relationships and briefer, more informal relationships. We didn't decide which of these our four contacts should be.


  • This AIM chat had a ton of lagging. Additionally, Nelson (and possibly others) were kicked for "scrolling." That's not acceptable. The obvious alternative is IRC. IRC has its own problems though -- primarily, certain campus networks e.g. Florida don't allow IRC.
  • The FC.o servers have been testy lately. A problem?
  • Nelson wants a draft of the external policy paper available by Thursday.
  • Scheduled conference call for 4 Jan to finish strategy paper and begin policy paper


  • Finish strategy paper
    • Resolve question of whether suggestions for locals belong in strategy paper (or, which).
    • Re-organize strategy paper accordingly.
    • Decide which campaigns to undertake.
    • Prioritize projects.
    • Assign responsibilities.
  • Discuss what sort of relationship we want to pursue with the external groups.
  • Discuss policy paper
  • Discuss specific ideas for campaigns (going from an idea/concern to a concrete project). We may want to sit on this until after the policy paper draft.
  • Carry-over: Complete activist packet.

Note: I've already re-organized the strategy paper as an example of one way to do so. If that's the system we want to use, we need to agree on it on the call.

Minutes by Gavin, logs by Rebekah