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3 Jan 2005, AOL Instant Messenger chat


  • Organization of strategy paper
    • We should use the system suggested by Gavin on Talk:Spring_2005_Strategy_Paper
      • One-time national concerns
      • Ongoing national concerns
      • Campaigns
      • Suggestions for locals
        • Some say this doesn't belong in the strategy paper, but rather in a separate running list of suggestions. Some say if there's national coordination, they do belong in the strategy paper. This was not resolved in the chat.
  • External contacts
    • We settled on establishing relationships with three groups at this time
      • EFF (liasons: Andy and Nelson)
      • CC (Steve and Arthur)
      • PK (Nelson and "David Chudzicki from Swat"? Has this been resolved?)
      • Mozilla Foundation (Nick)
    • We should explore what other organizations we might collaborate with, but for now we're starting small.
    • EFF, PK, and CC were all pretty much agreed on. Other orgs considered: Downhill Battle, FSF, open access org
    • There seem to be two models of external contacts: Long-standing relationships and briefer, more informal relationships. We didn't decide which of these our four contacts should be.


  • This AIM chat had a ton of lagging. Additionally, Nelson (and possibly others) were kicked for "scrolling." That's not acceptable. The obvious alternative is IRC. IRC has its own problems though -- primarily, certain campus networks e.g. Florida don't allow IRC.
  • The FC.o servers have been testy lately. A problem?
  • Nelson wants a draft of the external policy paper available by Thursday.
  • Scheduled conference call for 4 Jan to finish strategy paper and begin policy paper


  • Finish strategy paper
    • Resolve question of whether suggestions for locals belong in strategy paper (or, which).
    • Re-organize strategy paper accordingly.
    • Prioritize projects and assign responsibilities.
  • Discuss what sort of relationship we want to pursue with the external groups.
  • Discuss policy paper

Minutes by Gavin, logs by Rebekah