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NameName::Fred Benenson
School NYU
Location New York, NY
Program ITP
Class of 2008
Hometown Wilton, CT
AIM AIM::mecredis

mecredis is Fred Benenson and abhors speaking in the third person, but accepts the reality of having to write user-info pages.

Fred Benenson cofounded Free Culture @ NYU during his senior year at while he was studying philosophy and computer science. After graduating in May of 2005, he worked as the Free Culture intern at Creative Commons where he created the current tshirt, spoke at Defcon 13 with Elizabeth Stark about Copyright and the Free Culture movement helped develop a media kit to promote Creative Commons in the real world, and brewed brewed open source beer. After moving back to New York City at the end of 2005, Fred sucessfully organized the first ever anti-DRM protests, the Free Culture NYC Summit, FC @ NYU's Creative Commons Art Show and a Film Remix contest featured at the New York Institute for the Humanities conference on Fair Use. He is currently a Creative Commons Cultural fellow and on the board of and lives in SoHo New York. He spends his free time bicycling and taking photos. He will be attending NYU's ITP program at the Tisch School of the Arts in the Fall of 2006.