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Utah Free Culture
name Name::Utah Free Culture
subdomain Subdomain::uofu
uri Uri::
blog Blog::
wiki [[Wiki::]]
mailinglist Mailinglist::
# of core members Coremembers::4
Has a budget? Budget::Yes
Budget size Budgetsize::500
Ship CC goodies? Ship cc::Yes
Ship EFF goodies? Ship eff::Yes
Ship PK goodies? Ship pk::Yes
School School::University of Utah
Contact Contact::User:Adamhalstrom
Has been reviewed + approved by SFC? Approved by SFC::Yes
Has been approved by the school? Approved by School::No
Is active? Is active::Yes
Last re-registered? Last re-registered::2008-2009

Utah Free Culture is currently partnering with the university's Marriott Library in an effort to establish our chapter. We are excited about the prospect of introducing the Free Culture movement to our campus and welcome any suggestions or advice from those in established groups.