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The Free Culture Space will be a cultural center that will bring together groups working on technology, music, art, education, and beyond. It will be open and accessible to the Boston and Cambridge community, and will forge connections with other spaces worldwide. The center will be an exhibition space for artwork and film, a meeting space for groups working on Free Culture-related issues, a free editing and recording space for video and music, and a workspace with free wifi. The FC Space will serve as a general gathering point for people around the Boston area interested in promoting a culture that is accessible to the world.

We are working together with several non-profits, including iCommons and Creative Commons, and are looking for a space in Cambridge that would be able to house such a center. We would be able to arrange non-profit and tax-deductable status. An ideal location would be Central Square, as we are looking to reach out to communities beyond the universities.

Status Reports, Etc

7/14/07 Initial Report

7/22/07 SCS One Sheet Draft

8/13/07 SCS Prelim Budget

Meeting Minutes

7/20/07 Notes

Boston Area Community Resources

the Massachusetts Go Association

"MGA functions like a key club, with members having unlimited 24-hour access."

They have regular meetings, events, and a computer with internet access. They've been operating for twenty years and they are thriving. Perhaps they could give us some pointers about shared spaces, do's and don'ts.