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SFC Board/Core conference call 7/16/2011

  • Adi
  • Aditi
  • Andrea
  • Kevin
  • Parker


  • Come up with an agenda
  • Transfer treasurer/secretary stuff
  • fewer board calls, more core calls
  • Come up with one or two big projects to build something

Upcoming event check in

  • R2R in DC (Adi is the new %TITLE%)
    • Open Access Week
  • OVC 11
  • Mobility Shifts
  • Innovate/Activate 2
  • Document Freedom Day

Tech issues

Tension between ideals + time/overhead, ENTROPY What do we really need? How can we simplify this?

Things to make

Conference reports

  • Create template:
    • Finances
      • Sponsors
    • Attendees
    • Institutions represented
    • Speakers
    • Locations
    • Results
      • Blog posts
      • Other writing
      • Select images
    • etc.
  • Fill template for previous conferences
    • Berkeley
    • DC
    • NYC

Position paper (SFC / Europe)

Improving Year One / chapter relations

Chapter liaison?

Next actions

  • (Andrea) solicit support/input/cooperation for position paper
  • (Kevin) transfer treasurer things to aditi (in ~ 1 month)
  • (Parker) start a conversationw withweb team and core about rebooting web services
  • (Kevin+Adi) brainstorming about the music campaign
  • (Kevin) email to core about chapter liaison?
  • (Everyone) project ideas on the core hub
  • (Kevin+Adi) mail out about i buy music day
  • (Parker) respond to that email with another idea or a general expression about how big campaigns can be fun and awesome
  • (Parker) What's up with Finals Club guy?
  • (Adi) Get in touch with NYC-area FC ppl about Mobility Shifts