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SFC Board transition conf call June 2nd, 2010


  • Parker Phinney
  • Parker Higgins
  • Aditi Rajaram
  • Kevin Donovan
  • Ben Moskowitz
  • Kevin Driscoll
  • Adi Kamdar

wiki page: we'll copy/paste these notes to this wiki page at the end of the mtng.

agenda: X* finalize agenda X* Recent work of the outgoing board (Faculty Advisory Board, fundraising, etc.) X* Alumni advisory board?

  • "Everyday" tasks for the Board
  • Long-term tasks for the Board - order of importance too: what needs to happen soon? what do we need to keep in mind for the next year?
  • SFC "Census"
    • We don't know these SFC Details - size (# of folk), spread (# of schools)
    • Details gathered about SFC... size? membership? spread?
  • Treasury tasks: monies (# of monies)
  • Incorporation tasks: 501c(3)
  • Recent Board work - faculty contacts, maintaining relations, etc?

the meeting will be over when we finish addressing each of the agenda items

Faculty Advisory Board

  • First step toward hiring, fundraising
  • Long-term benefit: formalizing relationships, intellectual kinship
    • Good asset for approaching donors, grant applications
  • Commitment: phone call every 6 mos
  • Short-term goal: get FAB on phone w/ incoming board
    • Might have to wait til fall semester

Board of Trustees

  • Responsible for fundraising
  • Timeline?
    • Hoped to do it before new board
    • But more time-consuming than we thought
    • Short term? 6 mos?
    • Take advantage of summer
  • Important for grant proposals
  • List of potential trustees are in a gdoc
  • Next steps?
    • Need assets: flyer about free culture with clear vision, history, accomplishments, etc.
    • Essentially a strong "pitch" + talking points;
    • See gdocs regarding vision and "one pagers"

Progress toward establishing organizational structures

  • Advising from Public Knowledge
  • See gdocs regarding vision and "one pagers"

Web refresh

  • Timeline: before December
  • Current site doesn't communicate who we are, what we're doing
  • Need to bring on-going campaigns "front and center"
  • Integrate identwittica, revive
  • Next step: "re-map" brainstorm

"Everyday" tasks

  • First step: Review last 12 mos of email and list the little everyday tasks
  • Some of these could be broken down and assigned to just one person
  • Second step: New board parses list / creates roles / something?
    • Simplify, clarify
  • n-step: Hiring someone to take on these daily tasks (see below)

Long-term Tasks

  • Hiring someone to take on these daily tasks
  • Figuring out the details of their position.
  • How to find them?
  • How to pay them?
  • Note: this is *in* the bylaws already
  • Some materials (gdocs) already exist

Conference 2011

Decide by July 1st

  • Where?
  • When?
    • Start early... at least 4 months before. 6 months is ideal.
  • Focus?
    • Include election in the conference agenda?
  • Historically: fall election, spring conference (historically = one-time precedent)
    • But totally up for revision
    • Might be the same event


  • Need to create position / committee outside of board to manage this
  • Would be great to have these folks make decisions about running the election
    • Completely off the plate of the board


  • 38 people emailed us about starting new chapters this year
    • How can we bootstrap this?
    • Revive "Year One"? This could be a group of SFC people outside of the board?
  • Next step: follow up with new chapters
  • Next step: follow up on existing chapters
  • Ask questions:
    • What resources do you need?
    • What sorts of things/activities/events have you been doing?
    • What materials can we send?

Monies + Nonprofit

  • We have money
    • We were underbudget for the conference; we were able to fly a lot of folk
  • We need to do 501c(3) stuff this summer

Alumni connections

  • Alumni Advisory Board?
  • Alumni network? Mailing list?
  • Task for new board

  • Few hours a week
  • Separate paid position from the coordinator
    • Assuming that the coordinator does not necessarily have the tech skills


  • Assess current tshirt situation
  • How much do we owe to Fred?
    • Can we simply buy him out? We have the cash.
  • Tshirts, buttons, etc?
    • can we get girl-cut tshirts?
  • Donovan has a bunch of shirts
  • CC (in SF) has a bunch of shirts and we might need to get them back from them
  • Aditi can get some of the shirts from Fred if he has any still

New chapters

  • Registration help
  • Organizing support ("year one")
  • Follow up, conact
    • "Buddy system"?


  • Ben M will give everyone access to the appropriate gdocs
  • Ben will spearhead re-imagining the web site
    • Potential NYC ("secks n teh city") f2f/afk/irl hack sesh, Parker + Ben + Aditi + ?
  • Driscoll can lead the "everyday tasks" review
  • Donovan will follow up on people on the new chapter list (this is in a gdoc, too)
  • By July 1: Determine rough date / location for 2011 conference
  • Driscoll leading conversation around "Year one" support for new chapters
  • Andrea will come up with a proposal for merch
  • Driscoll and Aditi will reimburse Fred for all the monies we owe him
  • Update website and announce new board
  • EVERYONE: send Ben a boom-headshot / glamour shot
  • Parker adds new people to board@

Next meeting

  • July 1, 5pm PT / 8pm ET