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  • Date: July 1, 2010
  • Time: 5:15pm PT / 8:15pm ET /
  • Conference call number: (712) 451-6100
  • Conference access code: 952725#


Tshirts update

  • (139 + 158) shirts left
  • Check sent to Fred for Tshirt balance
  • Is there a FC NYU locker? (Aditi will check it out...)
  • Donovan volunteered to handle shipping in short term
  • Storage is for time between now and conference
  • Sales strategy = wait until we've re-upped the census/ chapter contacts

Faculty Advisory Board

  • Nothing lost from adding people
  • Reaching out to two more people: Lemos, Liang
    • Ask Elizabeth
  • Share invitation doc (Kevin)
  • Annual activity, reviving connections?

Process for "signing on" to things?

  • Hard to implement a simple rubric because we don't have a clear set of values to test against
  • Board members look at it / take a vote / discuss?
  • How can we make it something other than an executive decision?
    • Open something up to fc-discuss?
    • Two days open to block
  • Signing on as "Board members of..." a chapter-based org

ACTA / Donovan

  • Blog post potential


Web renovations

  • Parker will update us

Chapter database stuff

  • Chapters can fill out a gForm and it will post into a gDoc spreadsheet
  • Ideal workflow (== email + gdocs + python glue):
    • User notices "new chapter" link
    • Fills out form, clicks Submit
    • You are then subscribed to FC-Discuss
    • Your info is automatically entered into a spreadsheet
    • Someone from SFC emails "Hey! Saw that you registered!"
    • This person has a phone call
    • The new chapter is "approved" and appears on the front of the site

Main website design/content refresh stuff

Conference 2011

  • Location hunt
    • NYC or Boston
  • Space requirements?
    • Lecture hall (~300 capacity)
    • Classrooms for breakouts/unconf/workshops/etc (10 x ~20-30 cap ea.)
  • Time
    • Day 1: 7am-6pm
    • Day 2: 10am-6pm?
  • Date
    • Three-day weekends
      • First choice: MLK, Jan 17
      • Second choice: Pres, Feb 21
    • Optional third day action/work/hack sessions
  • Regular IRC meeting?
  • Make a conf11@ listserv


  • Does the NYU FC locker exist? (Aditi)
  • parker: mail kozak letting him know that this is our course of action
    • If so, ship them to NYU
    • If not, is there someone else in NYC with space to store them?
    • If not not, ultimate back-up == PP's parents' place
  • Share invitation doc (Kevin)
  • Take census off KDs plate (email kevin donovan)
  • parker: get all the board members accounts on the wpmu install so that they can edit static page content
  • adi: mail board@, list the static pages at, ask people to take care of revising things
  • parker: collect and package up the scattered notes about the site refresh--including old emails from moskowitz
  • Explore MIT contacts, Stata? (Kevin + everyone)
    • cc board@ on everyyyyything
  • parker: conference site updated. (new site should be at
  • parker: get david doria and the board on the conference11@ list
  • parker: mail out to discuss@ inviting people to join the conference11@ list
  • Hit up David Doria re: Conf11 planning meeting in IRC (Kevin)