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  • June 30, 2009 3:00-4:20pm ET
  • Conference call


  • Kevin Donovan
  • Kevin Driscoll
  • Christina Ducruet
  • Parker Higgins
  • Ben Moskowitz

Old business


  • Incorportation is stalled because of being rejected in MA and contingent on Driscoll's address. Driscoll and Higgins will investigate PO boxes in Cambridge and NYC.
  • If possible, Driscoll will adjust and re-submit paperwork for incorp in MA

Bank Account

  • Check in with Stark re: bank account status

Upcoming events

World Forum (Barcelona)

  • Great to have SFC representation. Talk to Stark about status.

SPARC Student Summit (DC)

  • Late summer, Higgins volunteered to attend.


Responding to press inquiry

  • First responder will CC board@ to signal that incoming messages have been acted on.

Regular meeting time

  • Last Tuesday of every month

Open University

6 Month goals

Grading system

  • Subjective analysis
  • Grading system (A-F) w/ 3para descriptions
  • Re: system suggested by Christina
  • Re: on-going discussion on Open_University_Report_Cards


  • Researcher to "own" the process and coordinate volunteer contribs
  • PR director to manage communication and presentation of data

Financial support

  • Develop budget with deliverables
  • Investigate foundations
  • Fundraising drive ($20 * 250 == $5000)
    • Re: recent PCF efforts
    • Re: visualizing donation data

Add'l resources

  • Alex Kozak, ccLearn, db of univ. IP policies

Catching up with web team

  • Plan meeting to chat with web team and get new board members up to speed
  • Brainstorming session
  • Find ways to automate, relieve the team

Web future

  • Relaunch site
  • Soft re-brand: logo, site
  • Continue to find better communications solutions among chapters, members


  • Location: DC (Donovan will check on Georgetown rooms)
  • Move from October to February 13-14 (unconfirmed)
  • Release Top Ten OU report
  • Fly new members out

Year One project

  • Thin framework to support and unite new (and re-newed) chapters
  • See Year One

Integrated strategy (Draft)

  • Rebrand, relaunch website
  • Conference
  • Top Ten Open Univ report
  • New chapter support, member drives, Year One
  • Renewed fundraising tied to outcomes, hiring


  • Kevin Donovan will be in South Africa until December 15