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What is Gajim?

Gajim is an open-source cross-platform Instant Message (IM) client for Jabber. All of these attributes are good.

Why use Gajim?

Gajim provides a feature-rich interface which is more robust, but not as user-friendly as Gossip or Gaim. The reason one might prefer Gajim over Gossip or Gaim is that it allows you to set Jabber transports to communicate with other IM services (AIM, Y!, MSN, IRC, E-mail (SMTP), etc). Once you set up exports using Gajim, you can safely migrate to another client without loosing them, as they are set up on the Jabber server.

For most people, Gajim is not a great solution for instant messaging for end-users, but it does have some nice features.

  • Supports multiple logins of many protocols (AIM, Y!, MSN, ICQ, etc) via Jabber
    • IE: You can be online with 5 AIM screennames, 2 IRC chatrooms, and Y! at the same time
  • No advertisements
  • Native SSL support for secure, encrypted messaging.
    • May not apply to all transports

How to use Gajim

How to get others to use Gajim

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