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The C3 campaign is an abandoned project.


In order to thrive, our culture of ideas depends on open collaboration and the ability to share the creation and distribution of information with other members of the public.

Consider, for example, the open-source community, which depends on the contributions of thousands of global volunteers working together to develop projects that benefit not just developers but anyone who can use a computer. Or look at the Open Directory Project (ODP), which serves as one of the largest repositories of human-edited content on the Internet. The open collaborative method used by Project Gutenberg Distributed Proofreaders has been dubbed by Wired Magazine not only to "be as broadly effective - and, yes, as revolutionary - a means of production as the assembly line was a century ago" but also to carry "the spirit of democratic solutions to daunting problems."

The C3 campaign is a good way of taking this spirit of collaboration and applying it to a project or effort that interests you. How about a drama written and produced by all of your friends, and then released into the public under a Creative Commons license? Or what about an intiative to create and release a movie feature made by students at your school? Perhaps even an art project to make montages out of images provided by world-wide contributors.

Whatever the project idea, the C3 campaign aims to encourage the notion of collaborative development, which draws its power from groups of people working towards a common goal. For more information, please visit

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